Paper Straws

The clue is in the name. We only provide ethically sourced and reusable paper straws.

Here at Dazzle & Fizz we won’t use plastic straws – ever.

All of our paper straws are biodegradable & our metallic paper straws are recyclable. We only ever use party accessories made from paper, including plates, cups, cutlery and party bags. So next time you party, say no to plastic & say YES to a better future for our children.

Did you know, that the UK & US throw away an estimated 550 million plastic straws every day? These take some 200 years to break down, very few are recycled & most end up in our oceans. That’s why we only use paper products at our parties.

Straws are just the beginning. We also provide napkins, cutlery and more. Browse the shop here or take a look at our Party Box.

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