Halloween Decorations.

Halloween is one of my favourite times of the year. It gives me a great excuse to go crazy on Halloween decorations and encourage the whole family to get into the spirit! This year, my son decided that he wants to be a ghost, (as long as he can be Oliver again afterwards- he was a little concerned that he would remain a ghost forever), which is pretty kind on me and the sewing machine!

You don’t have to choose spooky outfits though, Halloween has evolved to incorporate as many different costume choices as your children’s imaginations allow. So have fun, get creative and take a risk this Halloween!

You can apply the same creative spirit to your Halloween party styling. Here I have listed my top 5 Halloween styling tips to get your ghoulish juices flowing.

1. Two words. Spray Paint

Spray paint is a stylist’s best friend. A luscious layer of gold or a dash of copper can transform any number of ordinary objects into stylish table decorations. At Halloween, try spraying your pumpkins in different shades for a dramatic effect! Instagram seems to go wild for pastel-pumpkins this year and it makes sense, as they look awesome on the grid!

For a darker, more eerie finish, try spraying your pumpkins in shades of grey to black and combine them with gold, silver and copper pumpkins for added glam! If you’re feeling really artistic, try writing Halloween phrases on the pumpkins using a sharpie, or finish with a layer of glitter spray. Sayings such as ‘Boo!’, ‘Creap it Real’, and ‘If you’ve got it – haunt it’ are all fun starting points. It works best if you select pumpkins in a range of shapes and sizes, as this adds interest and makes for a more impressive piece. Once finished, your pumpkins would look amazing running down the middle of your dining table, clustered on a mantelpiece, inside a fireplace, or as a porch display.

We have a real treat on the Dazzle & Fizz blog. Get a SPOOK-tacular party look with our latest blog on Halloween decorations and take a look at our party shop to get all the accessories you will need!
We have a real treat on the Dazzle & Fizz blog. Get a SPOOK-tacular party look with our latest blog on Halloween decorations.
We have a real treat on the Dazzle & Fizz blog. Get a SPOOK-tacular party look with our latest blog on Halloween decorations and take a look at our party shop to get all the accessories you will need!

2. Get Fruity

As well as pumpkins, try including a range of other fruits and edibles in your table dressing and room styling. Cascading baskets of ‘poisoned apples’ make for a fun stand-alone spectacle and a combination of sprayed and natural coloured apples make medievally themed tables look even more grande!

3. Experiment with Colour

Don’t stop at black and white. Halloween can be as beautiful, dark or bright as you desire, so enjoy playing with colour palettes. I love combining rich purples and bright oranges with matte black, especially with a sprinkling of silver for a sense of occasion. Copper, black and grey look fabulous together and gold with purple can create a really rich base to build your Halloween party on. Neons and rainbow brights also have their place at this time of year, especially if you are celebrating the Mexican holiday of Dia de Muertos or Day of the Dead. For a super instagrammable Halloween party, pretty pastels on a neutral background always look amazing! Even at Halloween!

4. Upcycle

Halloween props are great for parties on a budget, as you can find many required items at home. Save all of your glass bottles and jars and turn them into spooky ‘potion’ bottles at Halloween! To do so, start by filling the clean vessels with different coloured and textured liquids. Ensure that they are well sealed with a cork, lid or bottle topper to avoid spillages.

Next, stain a selection of labels using a damp tea bag. Once dry, write on your potions labels and finish by singeing the edges with a lighter. Ensure that the bottles are completely dry before fixing the adhesive labels. Display your potions bottles in clusters on your dining table, on shelves and in cabinets. If you have children attending, make sure that the lids are completely secured and that the liquids inside are non-toxic.  If you’re worried, use a glue gun to seal the tops and then spray with spray paint.

5. Choose Paper Over Plastic

It is estimated that the UK and US throw away 550 million plastic straws every day! These take 200 years to break down, very few are recycled and most end up in our oceans. That is why we only use paper products at our parties. All of our partyware is either biodegradable or recyclable, meaning that you can party-til-you-drop guilt free!
We’ve got some gorgeous paper Halloween products on sale at our online party shop. Some of my favourites include our star and moon plates, wooden silver tipped cutlery, orange cups, silver straws and black and white striped napkins. I also love our BOO! party favour bags, which make excellent trick or treat bags as well. Made with brushed cotton, these party bags are reusable, ethically manufactured, sturdy and stylish. You can shop by theme and by colour, affording you our stylist’s pick of the best product on the market. Spooktacular!

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