Straws For Goodness Not Garbage

It’s virtually impossible to hold a children’s party and not accumulate a certain amount of paper, plastic and all manner of multi-coloured paraphernalia which is heading for the rubbish bin. New toys and all of their brightly coloured packaging are just the start of it as the paper plates, cups and drinking straws stack up on the side table as the fun and festivities are underway.

Did you know that at Dazzle & Fizz we have dumped plastic straws for eco-friendly paper drinking straws? Click to find out more & why you should too. You can also check out our Party Shop for all of your paper party needs!

Looking after our world

Here at Dazzle and Fizz, we know that us parents have enough on our plates without feeling post-party guilt for all of the gubbins which are bagged up to be sent to landfill. That’s why we ensure that everything in our party ranges – from the wooden cutlery to the plates and napkins – are as environmentally friendly as possible or even biodegradable

Throughout the UK and the USA, we throw away an estimated 550 million plastic straws every day. They take up to 200 years to break down, very few end up being recycled and most of them end up polluting our oceans. This poses obvious risks to the environment and the vast array of animals who inhabit our seas.

We also can’t fail to be alarmed when we hear in the press about how, if we fail to do something to curb our use of throwaway plastic products, such as drinking straws, then by 2050 there will be more plastic waste than fish in our oceans.

Taking our corporate responsibility seriously

There’s a powerful movement at the moment for plastic drinking straws to be ditched by global companies and some big brands are starting to follow suit.

At Dazzle and Fizz, we’ve been doing this for a while. We are fighting against the unnecessary use of plastic, so plastic drinking straws will never be available from us. All of our drinking straws are made from paper which means that they are either biodegradable or recyclable. They come in a range of colours to suit whatever party theme you have picked for your youngsters. My personal favourite is the gold starred drinking straws which would look great in the fairy, circus or unicorn ranges of Dazzle and Fizz party accessories.

In addition, you can help to make every day a (fun!) a school day by teaching your children and their friends about the benefits of recycling and using environmentally friendly products, like the Dazzle and Fizz drinking straws range.

They also won’t cost you the earth, our range is all made of sturdy stuff so they won’t turn to mush before your party people are pooped and, most of all, they make sure we’re all helping to protect the world for generations of eco-warriors to come.

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