1st Birthday Party Ideas

Here at Dazzle and Fizz, our 1st Birthday ideas will ensure that your toddler has a party beyond their wildest dreams.

We believe in parties for all ages. A first birthday party is a big occasion, in some cultures, it is the most important birthday of them all. With our 1st birthday party ideas, your party can be a massive success.

Stuck on what to do for your child's first birthday? Take a look at our party planner blog on 1st Birthday party ideas to help you plan the best one ever!


With extremely adventurous guests, a venue that is clean, open and safe is of the utmost importance. Using a venue that is suitable for children of a pre-school age is the best way to start. Find the perfect venue by visiting the venue beforehand and using a space that already holds pre-school events.


At this age, you have a fantastic range of 1st birthday party ideas to choose from – as your little one hasn’t yet discovered the latest Disney movie (that they watch on repeat for months on end – I am pretty sure Disney owe many parents an apology for Frozen). This gives you the freedom to choose some of the most enchanting, magical themes for your party.

In the past, Dazzle and Fizz have delivered parties based on many a children’s favourite book – Peter Rabbit for example. Also, a range of themes that work perfectly for pre-school children are Farmyard, Transport or Jungle. Theming your party is the perfect way to tie all the elements together.



Pre-school children learn at such a fast pace about the world around them that their concentration span is limited (any parent of a pre-schooler can testify to this!). This is why it is vital that you find the right entertainment to cater for (in my ten years of entertaining experience) the most difficult age range to keep engaged. Your entertainment needs to be lots of short and snappy games, and activities to maintain the concentration and parent/ carer involvement is a must.

With our Early Years party offering, we use a range of tactile and interactive activities that mean the children and their grown-ups have the best time. In our experience, the best entertainment for this age group tends to be nursery rhymes, story-books, parachute games, dancing games, soft toys, bubbles and musical instruments. We recommend that activities of this kind last for a maximum of 45 minutes due to the children’s concentration span. For a longer party – hiring soft play is the perfect option. This will give you a safe and colourful area that the children can explore, play and learn. I highly recommend the grown-ups take their shoes off and dive into the ball pit – giving the whole family a fun and interactive experience.


Party favours can be difficult at this age but with our years of party expertise, our party bag fillers for pre-school children are perfect. We recommend steering clear of sugar but if you wanted to include an edible treat there is a fantastic range of organic, sugar free and healthy treats out there that would be perfect. You also want to offer some gifts that your guests can enjoy for a long time after the party – one of the items that we find work really well are books. Children will love books and they can treasure them for years to come.

Also depending on the theme of your party, the book may be able to tie into that too. Another fantastic item for this age range is either a soft toy or source your own bear skins and filling so that the children can go home and make their own bear with their grown-ups, again this can be treasured for years to come and also provides an activity for the children and their grown-ups to complete after the party.

I hope our 1st birthday party ideas are useful and make the massive task a little less daunting. For more information on how we can help you host the perfect party call the team on 01483 849009 or e-mail info@dazzleandfizz.co.uk

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