Party Styling

Party Styling

Overseen by Creative Director Sophie Taylor, Dazzle & Fizz pride themselves on their unique, innovative and dual focused party styling, serving guests young and old(er) simultaneously.



Cake Display
pink table dressing with dog paw cakes
brown and red party table dressing

With Sophie’s background in wedding styling and ‘adult’ event planning, combined with Charlotte’s theatrical background and long history in children’s party planning, Dazzle & Fizz have arrived at children’s party styling that is tactile, creative, boundless and above all, client focused.

Alice in Wonderland Party

From couture balloons to theatrical floristry, we offer clients the best in bespoke party styling.

Dazzle & Fizz have created ice palaces in deserts, kingdoms in villages, crime scenes in private members clubs, Wonderlands in countryside retreats and gardens in grande halls. Dazzle & Fizz revel in the absurd, delight in the fantastical and excel in the seemingly impossible.

Thank you Card
Alice in Wonderland Party Theme
Children's party display

As if from a dream, of a dream, of a dream.

Queen Lucy - The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

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